National CCCAust Conference 2010

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saturday night singers

What a great line-up of speakers we were blessed with at the 2010 National Conference! Please take advantage of these free downloads, here for your edification, challenge and encouragement.

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These messages are also available on “hard copy” DVD discs and these discs can be ordered by contacting Dan Proctor, on email: with your contact details.

Speaker Date Session wma mp3 video other
Jeremy McQuoid Friday Night Session 1 .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv -
Mark Strom Saturday Morning Session 2 .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv Paul
Jeremy McQuoid Saturday Morning Session 3 .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv -
Mark Strom Saturday Afternoon Session 4 .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv Paul as 1st translator
George Verwer Saturday Evening Youth Service .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv -
Jeremy McQuoid Sunday Morning MCC Worship Service .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv -
Mark Strom Sunday Afternoon Session 5 .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv Poem | On Jesus as Attuned to life
George Verwer Sunday Evening Youth Service .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv -
Jeremy McQuoid Monday Morning Session 6 .wma .mp3 .mp4 .flv -